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Homemade Sausage

Don't settle for processed, frozen sausages when you can have mouthwatering homestyle sausages made locally with fresh meat. Boasting 100 years in business, fourth generation store Plantenberg's Food Pride stands behind our meat 100% with our freshness guarantee. If our homemade sausages are not fresh, let us know and you'll get your money back!

Amazing Homemade Sausages

Nothing beats a beautifully-seasoned sausage made with high-quality meat and spices. Plantenberg's Food Pride carries all of your favorite types of sausage as well as delicious smoked meats to take your recipe up a notch.

Sausage choices

  • Brats

  • Wieners

  • Bologna

  • Summer sausage

  • Beef sticks

Homemade Sausage

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Try our tasty smoked meats

  • Homestyle hams

  • Smoked chicken

  • Smoked turkey

  • More available on request


Sizzling homemade sausages